Banging My Head Against the Wall

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Banging My Head Against the Wall eimage.jpg

Banging My Head Against the Wall

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Andy Cowan (author)

6.28.18 (release date)

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The Opposite” wasn’t just the classic Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza followed the opposite of his instincts to land success. The method behind the madness has been championed in industries worldwide and even likened to the rise of Trump. The award-winning writer who helped Costanza win, and first pondered “the opposite” in his own life, identifies traces of it in the legends he mined for anecdotes before the cameras rolled at his first high-profile Hollywood job on which he also became a recurring performer, and in numerous stops along his unique road of comedy writing and performing twists and turns, as the only scribe associated with Cheers, Seinfeld and 3rd Rock from the Sun. (Multiple episodes and staff)

For a Tinseltown backstage pass, lessons from film and television icons, in-the-trenches comedy writing and performing strategies, Seinfeld episodes that could have been, talk show, sitcom and single panel cartoon development, and pitching the decision makers (or doing the opposite of playing their game) you’ll want to keep…Banging My Head Against the Wall !

“Andy Cowan lives the life we generally leave unexamined. He examines. Then he re-examines. Then he postulates, examines again and finally writes about it. The result is insanely wise, madly funny and completely endearing. Read this book. Laugh, enjoy and discuss.” – Jason Alexander

“Andy Cowan's career is a ballad of talent and tenacity in equal measure. Banging My Head Against the Wall offers an unflinching and entertaining account of the show business roller coaster, which for Andy always seems to flicker between sky-scraping exhilaration and deep nausea.”– Rob Burnett, Executive Producer/Head Writer, Late Show with David Letterman