Saving Chocolate Thunder

Saving Chocolate Thunder eimage.jpg
Saving Chocolate Thunder eimage.jpg

Saving Chocolate Thunder


Erin Slavik (author)

Drew Rose (illustrator)

5.5.16 (release date)

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Corey is an eleven year old full of big ideas.

His latest idea involves hanging his younger brother by his underwear in an attempt to make him fly. When that backfires, Corey is punished and sent to his room.

While in his room, Corey embarks on a wild adventure. He meets Mother Imagination and she enlists Corey to help save the life of an imaginary friend named Chocolate Thunder.

It’s hard for Corey to believe that his boring, unimaginative father and Chocolate Thunder have a history together. Corey desperately wants to repair his relationship with his workaholic father and if he successfully helps Chocolate Thunder he may get his wish.

Will Corey be able to pull off his biggest idea yet and save Chocolate Thunder?