The Mystery of Mia

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The Mystery of Mia eimage.jpg

The Mystery of Mia

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Shweta Kulkarni (author)

6.8.17 (release date)

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Mia, the beloved and only daughter of a military doctor, doted upon by her two elder brothers, shocks everyone when she tries to kill herself. It takes a passionate kiss from her neighbor, the handsome rogue Italian Damien to bring Mia back to her senses.

While on a business trip, Mia is shot at, and one bullet finds its mark, throwing open a pandora’s box, threatening to reveal sinister secrets concerning Mia’s role in the disappearance of Caroline, Damien’s long-lost sister. Mia survives, but elopes before questions are posed.

Things begin to slide downhill after that, and one more piece of the puzzle is found in the form of a letter asking for help written by Caroline. What is the connection between the disappearance of the two girls?

Will Damien be able to find and rescue the two girls before it is too late? Will Mia give him a chance?