Memoirs of Murder: A prequel to the 1932 classic, White Zombie

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Memoirs of Murder eimage.jpg

Memoirs of Murder: A prequel to the 1932 classic, White Zombie

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Brad A. Braddock (author)

Christine Soltis (editor)

3.23.17 (release date)

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Nearly eighty-five years after the 1932 film, White Zombie was released, comes this riveting prequel to the classic tale…intertwined from the personal diary of Murder Legendre himself.

Several years after the end of the Great War, Mister Legendre leaves the ravaged lands of Europe, finding himself drawn to Haiti…the land of Voodoo, mystery and the occult.

Soon, he becomes bewitched by his quest to learn these satanic arts, and also lust stricken by one of his young Haitian servants, the beautiful Mergena. A woman who harbors deep emotional scars caused by none other than the evil witchdoctor, Ledot.

She becomes torn between her love and kindness for Mister Legendre, and the whisperings of her missionary friend, Doctor Cushing, who has said that Mister Legendre is nothing more than pure evil and on a course driven by desire to one day own her soul. After it appears that the doctor may have his way in persuading Mergena to leave her love, Legendre will stop at nothing to take back control of her…

With his zombie grip, he made his first true love perform his every desire….