Obscure Beauty

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Obscure Beauty eimage.jpg

Obscure Beauty


Janis A.L. Voigt (author)

Jeff Penrod (co-author)

4.23.15 (release date)

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Miranda Meyer was just an ordinary small town girl from Western Pennsylvania, at least in life. In death, she was something more than even she could imagine. The story begins on her seventeenth birthday. A day that most are excited for, but for this teenager it was a day of horror, the day she dreaded her entire life; the day she knew she was going to die. 

Samuel Devine had waited so very long for his bride. He always came to her in dreams, since her birth, bringing the promise of madness; a madness born from his own twisted obsession. What else would you expect from Death? 

Miranda’s real journey begins when she finds herself transported into the dark, twisted, fairy-tale world of Purgatory, a world she fights desperately to escape. 

When Miranda Meyer, a typical teenage girl, dies, an Obscure Beauty is born.