Strange Tales of the Ironic and Eclectic

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Strange Tales eimage.jpg

Strange Tales of the Ironic and Eclectic


Leonard T. Steiner (author)

2.25.16 (release date)

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A Collection of Short Stories and Articles by Len Steiner in the Edgar Allan Poe Tradition.

“I can feel the warmth of the flames already and hear eerie footsteps approaching. I cannot endure much longer. The manuscript is finished.”
“Michael picked up Chico and Rocky’s legs and, slowly, with much effort, dragged them to the basement door and down the steep steps to the dirt basement below.”
“Edgar Whitehead moved rapidly away from the awful thing he saw in the hatbox, crossing the stormy bedroom to shatter the thin glass of the balcony window, to go down, down into the terrible rainy night outside to be severely broken against the very hard concrete ground below.”
“You have been judged! Welcome to my Kingdom! May you burn forever in my Hell!”