What Hides Beneath

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What Hides Beneath eimage.jpg

What Hides Beneath

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J.L. Canfield (author)

8.31.17 (release date)

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Hidden beneath a lump of clay and dirt is a very rare art work crafted by a Japanese artist known as a warrior. Two museum curators, who specialize in Asian art say it is valuable but renowned appraiser, Annette Williams claims it is worthless and her words carry weight in the art world. So which is it?

Pete White, an insurance investigator disappears from the museum where he is researching the treasure. Did he uncover it’s true value or find it’s a fake?

Lieutenant Detective Philip Samyn wonders why he is assigned to investigate a low priority robbery from a museum. Is his boss trying to push him to retire? He never thought his last case would be a missing laptop. That’s not how he envisioned leaving the force.

His investigation proves we see never the complete picture. There is always something hidden beneath.