America: An Exceptional Nation

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America An Exceptional Nation eimage.jpg

America: An Exceptional Nation

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Donald L. Gilleland (author)

7.16.15 (release date)

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America: An Exceptional Nation is an explanation of why American Exceptionalism is a truly defensible term that describes a nation blessed by our creator with attributes that set the United States apart from much of the world. 

While it sometimes deals with the concept of political correctness, it is not a political treatise. It is simply an explanation of why the author believes in American Exceptionalism and why he thinks that in their hearts most Americans share that belief. 

America: An Exceptional Nation explains why the author is convinced America represents one of a handful of nations that can offer real hope for our world in the 21st Century. 

It is an effort to show why everyone should believe in American Exceptionalism, whether or not they live in this wonderful country. It offers a perspective that will make the reader feel good about America.