Herd About Town: Animals Influence on Man

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Herd About Town eimage.jpg

Herd About Town: Animals Influence on Man


Robert C. Layton (author)

8.6.15 (release date)

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They are more than cute.

Just as music speaks an international language, animals have a way of communicating with people of all tongues. Their methods are intelligent, reliable, and often humorous.

Animals appear in our literature, word origins, clichés, superstitions and myths. They are found in our military, working with law enforcement, and are making giant strides in human therapy. Many are good at predicting weather and others are used on heraldry and coins all over the world. It’s high-time someone compiled the tremendous impact animals have had on society.

Animal’s Influence on Man meets the challenge demonstrating through, stories, poetry, games, and facts to explain the outstanding contribution creatures and critters have made to mankind; inspiring much of everything we do.

A surprising number of animals have participated in these accomplishments. A good example is how cats, dogs, bats, bees, horses, elephants, pigeons, dolphins, rats, dwarf orcas, and sea lions have assisted our military in their effort to keep us safe and make a better world for us all. Turn the pages to be amazed how animals have contributed to enhancing our lives