Heart of an Amazon

Heart of an Amazon eimage.jpg
Heart of an Amazon eimage.jpg

Heart of an Amazon


Diana Blackstone (author)

8.25.16 (release date)

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In a world controlled by Olympian gods, Deidra and Kern’s love was forbidden.

Deidra was an Amazon. As a follower of Hera she was raised to be independent and distrustful of men and yet her mission forced her into their world.

Kern was a son of the earth. As a follower of Demeter he was frustrated with his meaningless role in the endless circle of the harvest and wanted a different life.

As this unlike pair join forces, they find that much of what they thought they knew about     themselves, each other, and the nature of the enemy was nothing more than Olympian lies. The journey not only ignites a passion they cannot ignore, but changes them forever. Will they discover
the strength to defy the Olympians and forge their own destiny?