Kara’s Vineyard

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Kara's Vineyard eimage.jpg

Kara’s Vineyard


James Douglas Manlove (author)

8.18.16 (release date)

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Kara’s Vineyard is a love story that starts in the early part of the twentieth century, in the colorful vineyards of the Ochoa family in Sonoma, California.
The story begins one month before prohibition in 1919, when the handsome middle-aged vineyard owner, Tomas Ochoa, is introduced to a young, nineteen-year-old widow from the Indian lands of Utah. He is immediately taken by her beauty and asks her to be his bride. 

The story captures the essence of the beautiful Sonoma Valley, also known as the Valley of the Moon, as you follow the Ochoa family through four generations.

Kara’s Vineyard is shocking and fast-paced. The mystery of love is tested by tragedy that can sometimes destroy a family. James Douglas Manlove adds his favorite style of interlacing the interaction between the spiritual and human contact with nature. 
Kara’s Vineyard is one of those stories that will haunt your thoughts, long after the last page is read.