The Morning After

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The Morning After eimage.jpg

The Morning After

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Erin Lee (author)

Jamie Lynn Boothe (author)

5.11.17 (release date)


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Alyssa Hubbard didn’t believe in fairy tales. Instead, she lived in a world of fear and abuse.

For over ten years she tiptoed around a man who threw their vows away; sleeping off hangovers in the arms of other women and using his wife as a punching bag. She’d kept her head down and did her best to please the man she’d pledged forever to. Until one day, the morning after a beating, she saw the chance to escape and she took it. For six months, she was finally free, rebuilding a life and working on her own happy ending. It was then, in the arms of another man, that she started to believe.

But Daniel Hubbard wasn’t the type of man to give up easily. He certainly wasn’t about to let a ski instructor from Boulder, Colorado steal his wife. He would not, under any circumstances, accept Alyssa’s choice to move on with her new life. Instead, he was determined to find her and claim his property. She was, after all, legally his and a man had his pride. He would even change, if he had to.

With everything up in the air, only one thing is certain: Happy endings don’t write themselves. You have to work at them…