Bound by Roses

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Bound by Roses eimage.jpg

Bound by Roses

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Jonathan M. Lazar (author)

2.16.17 (release date)

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The characters you thought you knew. 

Marguerite White is thrust into the wider realm when Wolves attack the city of Zhan’ding, and Saledii Red, last heir to the House of Red is killed. 

Forces, both familiar and foreign dabble with hidden strings. They pull at the delicate threads of an unstable peace, not only between Ashok Orai and Zhan'ding, but also the scattered Wolves, who seek rebuild their once glorious empire.
Marguerite must piece the together the mystery, while navigating the fragile world that exists. For answers lie beyond all

Marguerite considered the known realm. Along the way, Marguerite will encounter Magic Mirrors, Fairies, talking Wolves, and Witches, all to understand that the actions of one, can have ramifications on all. 

Will she overcome what others have deemed as destiny and fate? 

Or will the realm fall as Ashok Orai and Marguerite herself suffer the same fate as Saledii?