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Erin Ingram (author)

12.1.16 (release date)

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Emma Stanton’s clairvoyant brother, Will, predicts their friend will murder him. 

Emma is an amplifier, a psychic who magnifies the talents of others. Emma fears someone will try to murder her brother so that she will inherit the strength of his psychic ability and therefore be capable of doubly amplifying whoever might kidnap her or psychically steal her ability. 

But Emma never imagined that Auric Addison would be part of such a plan. Auric is a Bray, a Christian warrior devoted to helping people threatened by evil. He has been Emma’s protector. What could make him betray her?

Emma and Will discover the frightening answer to that question when their attempts to avoid Will’s vision ensnare them more quickly in the trap of their enemy, a psychic with a vendetta against the Brays and the Stanton family. They will need friends, faith, and one another to overcome this foe.