The Scent of Freedom

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The Scent of Freedom eimage.jpg

The Scent of Freedom

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Alan T. McKean (author)

11.17.16 (release date)

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Vanguard time traveler Drew Faulkner marries. Tragedy strikes. Marie is kidnapped.

Clues lead back to Waterloo 1815. Drew and ex-girlfriend Meryl are on opposite sides of the Battle of Waterloo.

Drew is wounded, but the agony is his rescued wife abandoning him for a French captain.

The threat switches to President Lincoln. If he is killed before the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, U.S. history will change.

Time travelers learn to expect the unexpected. Drew never expected a foe to rise from the dead.

Bellefield is attacked by an enemy time traveling organization determined to change history. Vanguard’s leader is betrayed by one of his own.

Meanwhile, a plane with an atomic bomb sits on a runway in Scotland in 1943, waiting to be piloted to London.

Working closely with his ex, Drew realizes he still loves her. Drew excels at time traveling—will he ever excel at love?