The Tenor with the Golden Arm

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The Tenor with the Golden Arm eimage.jpg

The Tenor with the Golden Arm


Jim Pransky (author)

11.3.16 (release date)

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Tommy Bauer is a popular, free-spirited and athletic high school senior with two uncanny abilities. One is public knowledge- he can throw a baseball ninety miles an hour. The second is private with only a few people aware-he is a fine piano player and despite hiding it for it for years, a singer with an astonishing, stop you in your tracks voice.

This dramatic story follows Tommy through one calendar year culminating in the June amateur baseball free agent draft. The story follows the independent thinking, competitive, long haired teenager as he attracts the constant and sometimes overbearing attention of professional baseball scouts, college recruiters and people connected to the music world.

Tommy is forced to face not only the typical dilemmas of a seventeen year old, but a countless number of outsiders vying for his attention.

His parents, sister (Tracey) and girlfriend (Kenzie) form a loving support staff that enables him to endure tragedy and disappointment during the year’s course.

His distinct and unique talents allow him to thrive in an environment of pressure, ultimately allowing him to make decisions that will put him on a path of success.