Arctic Warriors

Arctic Warriors eimage.jpg
Arctic Warriors eimage.jpg

Arctic Warriors


Ken Bangs (author)

4.16.15 (release date)

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A story about the struggle between the defenders of freedom and the forces of tyranny in America’s Northern most outpost.  

J.B. opened his eyes as the slick slowed, banked left and began its descent. The doors and studded floor were covered in streaks of frost laid on by the ships dash through the frigid arctic air.

The nose of the Huey lifted a bit as the pilot flared the ship. The doors slammed back and they jumped into the night, landing on foreign soil. Scanning the tree line they waited. Nothing; the insertion was undetected.  

J.B. thought, ‘their forest is no different than ours, just across the strip of water separating us, yet for me and mine this one is filled with danger.’  He gathered the squad as the Huey raced away across the Bearing. 
Now they were alone. Trespassers, come to kill or retrieve a traitor.