Pleasant Valley Lost

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Pleasant Valley Lost

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Joseph J. Swope (author)

1.22.15 (release date)

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Set amid the turbulent times of the late 1960s, Pleasant Valley Lost chronicles the last days of a family dairy farm condemned to destruction by a federal dam project. As the family struggles to find a new home and build their future, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers moves into Pleasant Valley, ruthlessly destroying a community and its history.

Pleasant Valley Lost is based on the true story surrounding the author’s childhood farm. Originally part of the estate of Pennsylvania’s fifth governor, the farm had been in the Swope family since 1939 and was located in one of the most fertile areas of the region.

Pleasant Valley Lost also recounts the family’s long- suffering devotion to baseball and the Philadelphia Phillies. Following many years of losing seasons, the Phillies finally provided cause for celebration when they claimed their first World Series title in 1980.

Today, Pleasant Valley and the Swope farm are submerged under the Blue Marsh Dam.