Laying Seeds and Making Friends: Using Facebook to Create a Platform and Brand Yourself

Writers are passionate people: expressive, intelligent, witty, creative and empathetic. So, how can we use that on social media to attract a fan base and develop a brand? Today we’ll take a look at Facebook and how it can be used by writers to build a platform and create a following.

There are over two billion Facebook users. Chances are, nearly all your potential readers are on it. With all the other writers out there and such fierce competition, how can you effectively use it to build a platform for your writing career? The most basic way is simply making friends, each of whom I see as a seed, with the potential of growing and blossoming and spreading the word about you and your work.

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Selling Your Books to Indie Bookstores

Selling online is essential and strategically beneficial in many ways. However, wouldn't it be great to sell tons of books to direct customers inside real bookstores?

Authors always imagine seeing their book on a shelf, having someone walk in and pick up a copy, read the back cover annotation, and then BAM! purchase the book! What a concept! And contrary to most authors' psyche, if you are focusing on the right bookstores, this is definitely a strong possibility. 

In the following blog post, you will learn:

  • Why big bookstores like Barnes & Noble aren't always the best fit

  • How Indie bookstore can be profitable to Indie authors

  • How to get Indie bookstores to stock your title and actively sell

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