"Healing the globe one e-reader at a time."

"Healing the earth one e-reader at a time."

DigiTerra Publishing is an imprint of Black Rose Writing, specializing in creating environmentally-friendly eBooks, where the author retains full copyright and receives half the royalties. 

The advantages of hybrid publishing with DigiTerra:

  • Custom design and formatting of your eBook by the same professional design team for Black Rose Writing, which has produced over 600 eBooks

  • eBook cover design to help your book standout amongst the crowd

  • 50/50 royalty split between the author and DigiTerra Publishing

  • Expert branding and similar marketing opportunities that Black Rose Writing authors receive

  • Authors keep all the rights to their work (including print, film, audio, and foreign)

  • Creative control, bring your vision to life

  • Pricing input on promotions and current download costs

  • eBook created in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf formats

  • eBook distribution to Kindle, Nook, and more...

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