Tales From The Day

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Tales From The Day


Wayne D. McFarland (author)

11.1.18 (release date)

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“Wayne has a way of telling a true story that captivates and holds your attention. Can’t put it down. Want to know what’s next. Exciting, scary, hilarious and poignant.” Richard Bultman, Attached To Army Intelligence (Cold war)

“(A) feast; a remarkable array of first-person accounts served with the sensibilities of a seasoned novelist. McFarland combines astute observations, skilled storytelling, and a blend of amusement, self-awareness and candor that most of us couldn’t muster even after years of therapy.” -Bill Lenz, Writer, Producer, Director, Narrator, 4 time Cindy Award winner

“Wayne McFarland’s rollicking memoir reads like the autobiography of a mature Huckleberry Finn. The tales are well paced, brilliantly written, poignant, agonizing, funny and, in places, all-consuming.” -R. Bruce Logan, Author, Back to Vietnam: Tours of the Heart; Finding Lien, and As The Lotus Blooms

“…extremely well written. Read this book for pure fun and enjoyment. The stories are amazing and incredibly, all TRUE!” -Steven Arenas, Emmy nominee, 21 years, TV animation. Director, major studio TV animation post production, 15 years.

“McFarland is one helluva story teller - and a good guy to have along when you get thrown in jail.” Mike Delaney, Author Cyclone Bobcat


A collection of 19 humorous, moving, and often heart-pounding stories.

Yeah, this is a memoir of sorts, if shark fishing in one’s underwear, roping a bear, getting drunk with your Grandfather, or losing ten grand at the Hollywood Sign is a memoir. The Day Johnny Cash Hit On My Wife is on the roster as well, for the only name drop in all the stories. There’s also a thing about getting shot in Arkansas and a road trip with a monkey. I can’t deny these were life shaping events, but truth be told they all happened under the heading of “oops.”