Never Been Found

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Never Been Found eimage.jpg

Never Been Found

16.95 18.95

Kenneth S. Kappelmann (author)

Lisa Petrocelli (editor)

4.19.18 (release date)

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The first installment of the Tomas O’Malley thriller series.

Long-time Chicago homicide detective has been working the case of a missing girl with little success.  Now, her father has been found executed and a serial killer is leaving a trail of female bodies across the city.  Are all these cases related?  Who could be behind such a wide spread epidemic of organized crime.  As the case unwinds and more bodies stack up, O’Malley must choose between what his gut is telling him, and what the case is being designed to show.

Will O’Malley find the killer, or is the killer leading the detective to a deadly frame-up of a young man in over his head?  The missing girl may hold the answer, if only she could be found.