Upon the Stage of Time

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Upon the Stage of Time eimage.jpg

Upon the Stage of Time

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Kenneth W. Harmon (author)

1.18.18 (release date)

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A child is dead and someone has to pay

Four-year-old Maddie Miller dies after spending hours in the scorching Texas sun. The autopsy points to negligence as the cause of death, and Maddie’s mother, Casey, quickly confesses to the crime.

For small-town detective, A.J. Tillman, this is the investigation from hell. Tillman is in love with Casey despite her recently ending their salacious affair—an affair that nearly cost him his marriage and career.

Tillman believes Casey is innocent, but to save her from a life behind bars, he must uncover a conspiracy of secrets and lies. But the truth carries consequences that Tillman cannot imagine. Consequences with the power to destroy as well as heal.