Battle for Dragon Isle - New Release

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Battle for Dragon Isle eimage.jpg

Battle for Dragon Isle - New Release


Steve Stephenson (author)

K.M. Tedrick (author)

9.19.19 (release date)

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Join the exciting battle between good and evil in this third volume of a dynamic trilogy involving the Staff of Adois and the Staff of Adaman. The Wizard Celedant, Prince Tarquin, and friends battle nemesis Warlock Vampire Taza who seeks to join the Staff of Adois that he holds with the Staff of Adaman in Celedant’s possession in order to rule the world.

Tarquin and a devoted group of adventurers support Celedant against Taza’s army of creatures, some called from the void. Using magic and minions, Taza heads for Dragon Isle, bent on stealing the Staff of Adaman and destroying both the dragons and wizards of light.

Celedant must destroy both Staffs while avoiding their seductive power that could overcome his good spirit with evil.

Celedant, Tarquin, and friends fight their way to the Dragon’s Tear where the ultimate struggle will decide if good or evil will win.