America: A Conflicted Nation

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America A Conflicted Nation eimage.jpg

America: A Conflicted Nation


Donald L. Gilleland (author)

5.26.16 (release date)


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America: A Conflicted Nation is a discussion of issues about which Americans feel conflicted. Being conflicted is about feeling positive and negative about something at the same time, and being unable to shake off the uncomfortable feeling it produces.

America is truly an extraordinary country; but there are many things that leave us feeling uneasy. 
Trying to read the tealeaves is frustrating because many economists don’t agree on our future. Such divergent views leave many of us wondering if anyone really knows what our future holds.

Whatever that future is, we must never stop believing in America’s greatness or in America’s moral authority. However convoluted our future appears, we must always remember that most of the world looks to us for moral guidance and a strong sense of what is right and wrong. 

Much of the world focuses on us for leadership. They expect us to set the example and to lend a hand whenever it is needed. Many Americans feel conflicted about our country’s role in the world, as well as how we address national issues that affect only our own residents.

However you may feel about these issues, I hope you will find my coverage of them interesting.