Test Driving Your Dealership (hardcover)

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Test Driving Your Dealership eimage.jpg

Test Driving Your Dealership (hardcover)

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James E. Russell III (author)

1.26.17 (release date)

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America’s automobile dealerships have finally gotten it right.

Despite the internet leveling the playing field between consumers and salespeople, despite GM and Chrysler closing 3400 dealerships over the last few years, despite Cadillac offering to buy out 400 of their least profitable dealerships, despite Tesla selling an abundance of cars without even having a dealership, there is now a vanguard of forward thinking dealers who are creating new levels of success for their dealerships.

Of course, it took a major paradigm shift in the culture of their dealerships to handle the one underlying difficulty that has plagued dealerships for the last century.

Do you need a consultant to help your dealership join that vanguard?

A good consultant is a kind of car dealership whisperer.  A consultant can help breathe new life into a dealership to make sure it is successful and remains successful, no matter what else comes down the pike.

James E. Russell’s guide, Test Driving Your Dealership, lays out objectively and exactly what a good consultant does so you can decide if you need one or not.