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Chuck Gleason (author)

5.26.16 (release date)

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This novel reveals the emotional churnings of three people. Peggy Waldren, her son Ned and a sensitive army veteran, Ken Lister. 

The day before the story begins, 30-year-old Peggy Waldren discovers that Peter, her loving husband of ten years, has been killed in an auto accident. She is left with her 8-year-old son Ned, not much life insurance and a deeply wounded heart. Ned is devastated. Peggy builds a wall around her emotions.

Two years pass. Peggy’s wall remains up even after she meets Ken Lister, an army veteran, who finds her enchanting.    

The situation changes when Peggy discovers her son’s beloved baseball coach is the same man whose overtures she has spurned, Ken Lister. 

Peggy’s wall eventually collapses when she realizes her love for Ken will not replace what Peter has meant in her life. Love is infinite.