The Death of the Dragon: Hidden Magic Volume III

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The Death of the Dragon eimage.jpg

The Death of the Dragon: Hidden Magic Volume III

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Kenneth Kappelmann (author)

3.23.17 (release date)

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The dragon screamed in pain as one of Stepha’s arrows lunged deep in his throat. Jermys was on the canok in moments. In one move, he recovered his axe and placed it to the creature’s throat as well. The dragon moved quickly and was within one talon swing of killing the dwarf when Schram swung his talon equally fast across its throat, severing his head from his body.

“Stop,” shouted Schram toward the other dragon. “This is your chance to end the killing.”

The canok did not move as Jermys was still on top of him. The canok’s eyes were cold and lost and were locked on that of the large female dragon before Schram. “Do it, my queen. Kill the dwarf, and together we will kill Schram.”

There was a pause, and all seemed to get deathly quiet. Then, the dragon moved. “No!” Scram hollered as he saw her intent.

She lifted her talon up to strike the dwarf a deadly blow. Schram did the same.

After 220 years, they thought it was over. They thought they had beaten their enemy and ended the Dragon Opression. They had lost friends and family, but they had saved their world. Now, new friends have emerged, and some from the past have returned. A new prophecy was issued, defining the end of life as they know it.

Thirty days—thirty days!—to either turn Schram over to the true power on Troyf or die. The one question: Are the four weapons and staff enough to prevent the death of the dragon?