The Malakiad

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The Malakiad eimage.jpg

The Malakiad

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Gustavo Bondoni (author)

3.22.18 (release date)

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When an old friend approaches heroic-era Greeks Kopulus and Elenia about the possibility of attacking a horrible monster in a far-off land to retrieve a divine treasure, they exchange a look and ask the obvious question: “Where can we steal a magic chariot?”

The answer leads them to Mount Olympus and nearly gets them killed, so they decide to steal a fishing boat instead.

In the course of sailing the seven seas (all right, just a small piece of the Aegean and perhaps a little bit of the Mediterranean), they learn that one should probably only steal fishing boats if one has at least a passing knowledge of how to navigate them. Plus, they should steal one with sails. Or perhaps one without a three-headed guard dog on it.

And then things get complicated.