Before I Forget

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Before I Forget eimage.jpg

Before I Forget


Chuck Harp (author)

8.22.19 (release date)

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After losing everything, the young and emotionally numb Moe, holds onto what she can. Whether it be her blue beanie, comics, or fading memory.

Sent to live with her distant relatives in their desolate neighborhood, Moe searches for anything that might bring her peace and allow her to escape from the everyday. At times she can find tranquility in the local creek. Other times can come from the bizarre interactions with the other local children who invite her into their fold.

But escape is never easy.

A violent local bully thaws her cold attitude and proves that Moe must grow up fast if she wishes to survive the foreign world she is thrust into.

Before I Forget is a book showcasing the desire to pursue peace, whatever the cost and always. It is a story of maturity under devastating circumstances.

And to always keeping the idea of escape alive.