Crawling Behind

Crawling Behind eimage.jpg
Crawling Behind eimage.jpg

Crawling Behind


Elliot Haspel (author)

11.14.19 (release date)

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“I’ve totally washed away the dream of having one more child.”

 “I had never intended to be a stay-at-home-parent, but the cost of child care turned me into one.”

 “We had to pull our toddler out of his program because we couldn’t afford to have two kids in high-quality care.”

 These are not the voices of those down on their luck, but the voices of America’s middle class. The lack of affordable, available, high-quality childcare is a boulder on the backs of all but the most affluent. Millions of hard-working families are left gasping for air while the next generation misses out on a strong start.

 To date, we’ve been fighting this five-alarm fire with the policy equivalent of beach toy water buckets. It’s time for a bold investment in America’s families and America’s future. There’s only one viable solution: Childcare should be free.